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The company. Our History. Our goals.

old2A.P. Attrezzeria Palidanese,

was established in 1976 as an artisan concern by two friends and work colleagues, Marcellino Lasagna and Marzio Freddi, who after acquiring an extensive knowledge of mechanical engineering as employees decide to go it alone.

Initially, the small firm was located in an old barn. The floors were uneven and there wasn’t much room to work, but their training and the special attention given to customers enabled them, in just a short time, to purchase new machinery and expand on the market.
In 2002, Marcellino became seriously ill and was replaced by his son Stefano, who was already working in the company. In years to come, the son continued his father’s job, learning more and more under the expert eye of the other partner. It is thanks to this combination of tradition, Marzio’s experience and the innovation brought by Stefano, that the company continued to expand, year after year, in terms of mechanical tooling and strengthened its position on the market, not only retaining its old customers but also acquiring new ones.

The motto and the secret of the success of the two friends and founding partners is always the same: “Always satisfy customers and ensure they never lose production”. By keeping up with the technological evolution of the sector and taking advantage of the enthusiasm of the new generations, the firm has evolved to its present form of modern company, attentive to customer needs, a true heritage to be safeguarded. Quality and flexibility are our hallmark along with a reliable team which, over the years, has not changed but has grown both numerically and professionally with the company.
Our goals: to meet the expectations of our customers by providing quality products through the use of cutting-edge technology equipment and machinery.

40 years of experience and a reliable team

Our company has over 40 years of experience at the service of its customers who follow and cooperate with us.

The team has remained the same over the years; it has not changed but has grown in number and this for us is synonymous with reliability.

The skills of our staff who have worked with us in all these years, have grown over time through continuous training and updating. A professional growth which has enabled us to keep up to date and remain competitive on the market.

We are a company that exploits the expertise and experience gained over the years with an eye to the future and innovation.


1 CDM Rovella wire sinker EDM work range 300x200x150

1 Charmilles ROBOFIL 4000 wire sinker EDM  work range 450x350x200

1 EDM tuff

1 AWEA BM 1800 plunge EDM-machining centre work range 1800x800x600

1 TIGER TFA6 milling machining centre

1 TFA4 milling machining centre

1 flat grinding machine strokes 1500 × 350

1  flat grinding machine strokes 1350 × 580

1 200T mechanical press with pneumatic cushion

1 COMEV CM260 parallel lathe

3 visualized milling units

1 visualized fixed bench milling unit

1  radial drill TM 50-1600

1 INVEMA KR 55-1600 radial drill

A.P.Attrezzeria Palidanese s.n.c has more than 40 years of experience in the precision mechanical engineering sector.
It is a fast-expanding company able to offer its customers high-quality services at a competitive price.